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The trail passport 

Use your the Transcaucasian Trail passport to collect stamps, stickers, and stories from your travels in Svaneti, and check out the map below for exclusive discounts from our business members.  

Passport FAQ
Where can I buy the TCT Passport?
The passport is currently available for purchase at the Svaneti Business Tourism Association office in Mestia. The office is located at 32 Tamar Mepe Street. 
How much does the TCT Passport cost?

The passport costs 50 GEL.  Someone who hikes for a week in Svaneti and stays at member guesthouses will save more money than the cost of the passport, making it a worthwhile purchase. 

How do I use the passport?

The passport can be used to track your journey in Svaneti by collecting stamps from the villages you’ve visited. Check the map above to see the stamps that are currently available and where you can find them. The passport is also a discount card that can be used at businesses that are members of the association. You can find the members on the map above or through our directory of member businesses here. Contact the businesses with the contact information provided for more information about the discount and availability. 

How long is the passport valid?

Your passport is valid for one year from the date of purchase.